Surfmonk Company


SurfMonk is Back!  The beloved Malibu lifestyle brand first created by brother and sister team Claudia Taylor and Matt Lasky has been resurrected.  This time by another brother sister team Rob and Jill Murray.  Growing up in land-locked Missouri, the Murray’s spent summers water logged on the lakes and rivers of the Ozark Mountains.  Eventually life would lead them both West to their new playground.  In 2018, and looking for their next adventure, they met with Claudia and agreed to purchase SurfMonk.  The proverbial torch had been passed.

We are dedicated to continuing the passion and enthusiasm that helped bring Surfmonk to prominence for so long.  The ocean is seemingly in our DNA.  Our great Uncle Dave Simmons was a master surfer known as “The Great Whale” from Malibu to Laguna Beach.  Jill lives near the water in Malibu and Rob literally On the water on a boat in Ventura.   Surfing, boating, paddle boarding, there’s no better place to be!



The Founders

The concept for SurfMonk’s classic pullover changing robes can be traced back to founders Claudia Taylor and Matt Lasky’s roots. Growing up in the heyday of the 60’s on Topanga Beach Road in Malibu, with the family home directly in front of the infamous point break- the young Laskys’ bore witness to many bohemian lifestyles and inspirations. One shared affectionate memory were the surf changing robes. The robes were used by the coolest surfers like Jay Riddle, Davey Hilton, George Trafton, to name a few… basically, a boxy terry robe with a hood that one could change in and out of wetsuits before or after surfing.

Cut to a few decades later- conversation around the dinner table; Claudia, and Matt, reminiscing about the days of old; “what if we reproduced the robes and gave our best to market them worldwide?”

With Claudia taking the creative reigns, she infused her enthusiasm and belief for all things green and sustainable to the re-design of what she coined the SurfMonk project. 

The reception of the Malibu lifestyle brand was overwhelming. Sales started at Malibu’s own trend setting boutique Planet Blue, surf shops like ZJ Boarding House and Clout, and boutique hotels and yoga studios, as well as independent stores across America, regardless of whether they were a beach town or not. Sales quickly spread to hip stores in Japan, spas in Saudi Arabia, a rabid following in Norway, and a distribution deal in Canada. And that was year one.

SurfMonk closed its Malibu jewelbox showroom in 2012, but continues to sell to exclusive spas, hotels and boutiques. SurfMonk continues its commitment to sustainable manufacturing.